The P600 wall overturns the traditional concept of interior movable partitions. Instead of a classic structure consisting of steel uprights and crossbars, to which the infill panels – solid or glazed – are attached, P600 uses a load-bearing structure made of extruded aluminum profiles, fastened ...

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Innovating while respecting tradition is one of the secrets of longevity for a company and its products. Faram, thanks to its extensive experience in designing and producing partition walls, has produced P650, a new wall that originates from the well-established tradition of P600 but goes further, b...

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“Less is more.” The famous quote from the architect Mies van der Rohe perfectly summarizes the concept of simplicity and minimalism of the P600s. It is certain that designing and making a product that has a complex function is easier than simplifying it. Obtaining optimum results and performance...

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The P450 wall is based on a rolled steel load-bearing structure consisting of ceiling and floor tracks, and upright posts finished with solid or glazed panels. Unlike the other wall systems which are made to measure for each single application, the P450 system is composed of standard modules coverin...

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The P500 wall is a partition system of high technological and aesthetic composition. Its structural steel profiles consist of floor and ceiling tracks, and upright posts for vertical stability. The finishing panels, either solid or glazed on aluminum frames, are snapped onto the posts with steel cli...

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The P700 demountable partition represents an evolution of the P600 system, both based on a load-bearing structure made of extruded aluminum profiles, structural glass panels and adhesive polycarbonate dry joints. What makes the P600 system different is the doubling up of the glass paneling, which en...

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The new P900 partition wall represents the conclusion of a journey of research and experimentation in vertical demountable partitioning carried out by Faram. Its design features all the aspects that can make it a complete product, elegant, functional, and suitable for all situations: excellent perfo...

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