• Frame

    Aluminum extrusions
  • Paneling

    1/2" single glass
    3/8" double glazed
    Steel panels
    Melamine panels
  • Thickness

    3 15/16”
  • Tolerance

    ± 1/2”
  • Doors

    Hinged or sliding
    Solid or transparent
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The new P900 partition wall represents the conclusion of a journey of research and experimentation in vertical demountable partitioning carried out by Faram. Its design features all the aspects that can make it a complete product, elegant, functional, and suitable for all situations: excellent performance, almost complete transparency in the single and double glazed versions, versatile configurations, flexibility of use, the ability of the solid version to divide, link, and organize spaces.

The simplicity of its components is the starting point of the P900 partition system, characterized by high levels of configurability and high standards of performance, in particular sound insulation both in the double-glazed and the steel or wood paneled versions.


The partition in its different versions: double glazed, off-set single glazed, central single-glazed, melamine (or wood veneered) panels and steel panels.
Sealed double glazed or single glass sliding door; frame-less or framed single glass hinged door; sealed double glazed or 3 15/16” thick double glazed hinged door; solid door.
Double glazed version, detail of the lower telescopic profile.
Detail of the centered glass version.


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