Axa, Jersey City, P600


  • Frame

    Aluminum extrusions
  • Paneling

    1/2" single glass
    3/8" single glass
  • Thickness

    1 3/4"
  • Tolerance

  • Doors

    Simple or framed
    Solid or transparent
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The P600 wall overturns the traditional concept of interior movable partitions. Instead of a classic structure consisting of steel uprights and crossbars, to which the infill panels – solid or glazed – are attached, P600 uses a load-bearing structure made of extruded aluminum profiles, fastened to the ceiling and the floor, that hold glass or solid panels in either wood veneer or melamine. The wall design is not based on preset modules but it adapts to the height and depth of the location in which it is installed, on a “tailor-made” philosophy.The flexibility of this product, therefore, does not only lie in its ability to be easily relocated, but also in the high degree of adaptability to a project’s design requirements and customer needs.


Dechert, New York, P600

Partition with glazed module, partition with over panel, solid partition and Extra Dry.
Sliding door module, hinged door module, module with metal screen and freestanding version.


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