Proskauer Rose, Paris, P500


  • Frame

    Rolled steel
  • Paneling

    1/4” double glazed
    13/16” veneered panel
    13/16” melamine panel
    13/16” steel panel
  • Thickness

    3 15/16”
  • Tolerance

    ± 9/16”
  • Doors

    Hinged or sliding
    Solid or transparent
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The P500 wall is a partition system of high technological and aesthetic composition. Its structural steel profiles consist of floor and ceiling tracks, and upright posts for vertical stability.
The finishing panels, either solid or glazed on aluminum frames, are snapped onto the posts with steel clips. Both solid and glazed finishing panels can be full height or in a band design.

Moreover, the structural design of the partition simplifies integration with services and accessories, thanks to technical compartments to house, for instance, cabling and ventilation systems. Slots in the upright posts allow shelves and storage units to be hung directly.
The P500 partition can easily integrate with other standard products, which offers a wide range of space management solutions.
The P500 wall is designed to combine with other wall systems, especially P700 and P600, so as to offer the widest possible range of technical solutions, both in terms of flexibility of use and aesthetics.


Renaissance Capital, Moscow, P500

Bonded glass module, framed glass module, banded paneling module and solid module.
Single glass door and double glazed door.


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