Autopolar, Conegliano, P450


  • Frame

    Rolled steel
  • Paneling

    3/16” or 1/8”+1/8” double glazed
    13/16” veneered panel
    13/16” melamine panel
  • Thickness

    4 9/16” partition
    18 1/4”-18/3/8” storage wall
  • Tolerance

    ± 13/16” partition
    ± 3/8” storage wall
  • Doors

    Solid or transparent
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The P450 wall is based on a rolled steel load-bearing structure consisting of ceiling and floor tracks, and upright posts finished with solid or glazed panels. Unlike the other wall systems which are made to measure for each single application, the P450 system is composed of standard modules covering a range of width and height dimensions designed to meet different design requirements. Vertical and horizontal scribe panels are used to finish the installation.

There is an alternative version which uses full height panels with no need for scribing. Finally, the P450 is also available as a storage wall, which combines two functions in one product: a dividing partition and floor to ceiling storage.

The design of the P450 wall is based on standard modules adapted to specific requirements. The chosen module can be finished by using solid or glazed elements, as well as door modules.


Autopolar, Conegliano, P450

Double glazed module, band paneling module, solid module.
Single glass door, solid door.
Detail of the panel clipping system.


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