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Faram provide systems with significative STC rating, both single and double glazed versions can be optimized for a high level of acoustic comfort. Walls and doors can be designed to respond to a certain acoustic requirements.

An acoustic laminate glass can increase the acoustic performance as well as framed doors with threshold acoustic seal.

The use of double glazing, makes it possible to attain higher levels of sound insulation and to use a variety of screening systems.

Moreover, the double glazed P700 and P900 partitions can be perfectly combined with other systems, such as the P600 or P500 partitions, resulting in an organic and harmonized ensemble to meet the widest range of needs.

Solid or glazed combinations in an overall thickness of 3 15/16″, with an 3 9/16″ wide air gap in the double glazed elements and a 2 5/8″ thick insulating layer in solid modules is going to be the best sound proofing versions that Faram can offer.

The system thickness based on 3 15/16″ can provide different acoustic combinations, retaining the same framework design in all areas and allowing for upgrades as the needs of building users evolve.



The door is also an element that requires attention from an acoustic point of view, as it is the weakest link in the chain. The same considerations that apply to solid and glazed modules also apply to the doors, with implications of weight, thickness, tightness of shadow gaps and treatment of operational gaps. In general terms, single glazed sliding doors (22-25 STC)   offer lower acoustic performance than single glazed hinged doors (35 STC), and thicker (double-solid) doors  (50 STC) offer an advantage in terms of construction and the ability to provide rebated edge details.

Therefore, the acoustic strategy of an office layout is determined by close analysis of dividing walls in relation to the nature of the building, client operations, layout characteristics, positioning of access provisions, in addition to the inherent characteristic of specific products and design criteria.


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